Slice of Pie.Digital was founded in 2019 and prides itself on having both a positive environmental and social impact.

Environmental Impact

We are a carbon positive company. For each of the people who work within Slice of Pie.Digital we offset both their personal and professional carbon footprint, plus an additional 15%. 

We do this by planting trees both overseas and the Scottish Lowlands. 

For every website we build, we donate a further woodland of a HUGE 500 trees!

Social Impact

We believe in making a difference to people’s lives, but we are not social workers or charity workers, so we do that how we know best. We offer a free website design and build service to a social impact non-profit organisation each year, helping them to reach their social impact objectives. 

If you are non-profit and interested in this, get in touch by giving us an email and we will let you know when the next round of applications is coming up.

Slice of Pie.Digital was founded by Grant Ripley. Having set up multiple enterprises and businesses over the years, Grant was no stranger to the high financial and human resource cost to startups on getting their website live. 

So he established Slice of Pie.Digital to help entrepreneurs and startups to get online quickly, effectively and affordably.

Get in touch

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